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Community Center: 

Hours of Operation: 
Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
​Saturday: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sunday: CLOSED

Winter Hours (Nov. 1-  Feb. 28):
Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Physical Address:
715 Amelia Church Road
Clayton, NC 27520

Two Sections of Greenway Remain CLOSED

Our popular greenways took a hit when the Neuse River reached almost record high flood levels following Hurricane Matthew. That damage, coupled with a long-term upgrade to a utility station, now have two sections closed and under construction along the Clayton River Walk on the Neuse Greenway. They may not re-open until well into summer or beyond. 

The first closed section is just off the Charleston Drive access point off of the Riverwood Athletic Club neighborhood.  That's where a wooden bridge was picked up by floodwaters, damaged and now needs to be replaced. As of January, we are still working through FEMA to help build a bridge engineered to better withstand floods and greenway users should be prepared to detour around this dangerous sections long-term. It's about a 15 minute walk or 6 minute bike ride through the Riverwood neighborhood to reach the next greenway trailhead. 

The second area blocked is about near a utility station at the intersection of Sam's Branch and the River Walk where construction crews are elevating the station to keep it out of the flood zone. This work was expected to be finished in December but Hurricane Matthew set the work back. Unfortunately there is no paved or established detour around this closure. It could be July before this work are is completely cleaned up and a re-opened. 

Keeping our greenways open is a TOP priority for us. We work to update the East Coast Greenway Alliance and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail supporters.  

Because the Town didn’t originally build the bridge near Riverwood (the developer built it) and because FEMA dollars are being pursued to replace it, there are layers that complicate a speedy replacement. Initial cost estimates are close to $200,000 to replace the bridge, money the Town simply doesn’t have lying around. We believe FEMA will pay for its replacement but we have to follow that agency’s process...and we are. In early February, our Public Works Director, as well as our Finance Director, met with FEMA and state environmental officials at the bridge site again to determine if environmental permits were obtained by the original developer or if new ones are necessary. We have also contacted the Army Corps of Engineers because of the stream and creek nearby. 

The original bridge was not engineered to withstand great floods, so, for the sake of our popular and valuable greenway system, we are pursuing a design and build that will better weather future storms and hopefully prevent this from happening again. That means contracting engineering firms to design the bridge, then getting bids from construction contractors to actually build it. Optimistic estimates are it could be October before a new bridge is open to the public. Yes, you read right, a full year after Matthew's flood waters completely lifted and washed the bridge out. Please feel free to continue to check back at info@TownofClaytonNC.org, this website and our social media for updates.

Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to make this storm repair and restore this wonderful recreation amenity! We apologize for this recreation inconvenience...soon we'll have 4 uninterrupted miles of greenway to enjoy and more on the way. For now, it's just in small bite-size chunks...a 2 mile round trip walk or bike from Sam's Branch parking lot to our Butterfly & Art garden sounds just perfect for a sunny day! GO FOR IT!

The green spaces and trails in our Town are wonderful to see and travel down, anytime of the year!

These greenways also provide a safe way for families to experience Clayton.  Clayton has gone the extra mile to ensure that safety.  The Clayton Police Department does regular patrols on a four-wheeled ATV along the trail routes, the Clayton Fire Department and Planning Department worked diligently to map the trail and designate addresses along the route so that if someone makes a 911 Call from the trail, their location would immediately be pinpointed by emergency responders.

Sam's Branch Greenway - 1358 N. O'Neil Street

Sam's Branch Greenway is a beautiful 1.25 mile, 10-foot-wide paved pedestrian and biking trail made possible with roughly $600,000 in funding from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The greenway leads to the winding Neuse River and now connects with the newly dedicated Clayton River Walk on the Neuse, a 4-mile section of the North Carolina Mountains-to-Sea Trail. These trails now allow families to enjoy 30+ miles of biking or hiking all the way from Clayton to Falls Lake Dam in Raleigh.

Fun Facts about Sam's Branch Greenway Trailhead & Parking. Did you know that from 1358 N O'Neil Street to:
     * Outdoor Public Art is 1 mile
     * Neuse River is 1.25 miles
     * Pedestrian Bridge over Neuse is 1.75 miles
     * Clayton River Walk on the Neuse Trailhead & Parking is 2.25 miles
     * Wake County Line is 5.25 miles
* Falls Lake Dam in Raleigh is 33 miles

Clayton River Walk on the Neuse - 2686 Covered Bridge Road

Maybe you'd like to strap on a helmet and embark on a 32-mile scenic trek from Clayton to Falls Lake Dam in Raleigh. Perhaps you'd like to get your children away from the TV and give them a breath of fresh air riding their bicycles along the sparkling Neuse River. Or maybe you just need some quality family time to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the picturesque view from the pedestrian bridge spanning the river.

Clayton River Walk on the Neuse is a beautiful 4-mile, 10-foot wide paved trail that begins at the Wake County/Johnston County line and parallels the Neuse River under Covered Bridge Road. It is part of the 1,000-mile Mountains-to-Sea Trail, which will connect Clingman's Dome in North Carolina's Great Smokey Mountains National Park to Jockey's Ridge State Park all the way at the coast. If you would like to learn more about how to section or thru hike on the MST visit the Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail . Clayton's section has also been designated as part of the 2,500-mile East Coast Greenway that will extend from Maine to Florida, linking cities in every state on the eastern seaboard.

Clayton River Walk on the Neuse connects with the recently completed Sam's Branch Greenway, a 1.25 mile 10-foot-wide paved multi-purpose trail which was also made possible with $600,000 in funding from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  A section of Sam's Branch is adorned with a public art project involving local artists and school children.

To ease access to these trails, the Town of Clayton just finished a trailhead/parking lot and access ramp at the intersection of the Neuse River and Covered Bridge Road. It was made possible by grant money from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Water Quality.

Fun Facts about Clayton River Walk on the Neuse Trailhead & Parking. Did you know that from 2686 Covered Bridge Road to:
     * Pedestrian Bridge over Neuse is .5 miles south
     * Outdoor public art is 1.2 miles south
     * Sam's Branch Trailhead is 2.25 miles south
     * Wake Count Line is 3 miles north
     * Mial Plantation Road Bridge is 4 mils north
     * Falls Lake Dam in Raleigh is 30.5 miles north

Clayton Community Center - 715 Amelia Church Road

If you still wish to walk but the weather is not cooperating, we have a solution for that too!  We have an indoor walking track inside the Community Center.  If walking the indoor trail is not your thing, we also have treadmills and step machines available to get your exercise in.  The Community Center also has several different classes prepared to get your heart rate up!

Legend Park - 550 City Road

This is a park designed with the athlete in mind.  We have a ball field and a wonderful mountain bike trail.  There is parking available at the entrance.  The trails were designed to challenge beginners and advanced riders.  To learn more about this trail and all that it offers, click here.

Clayton Community Park - 1075 Amelia Church Road

This is the park that has a little bit of everything for any person.  We have a 1/2 mile paved trail that you can walk and get your exercise.  If you bring the kids along, they can walk along with you or they can be playing on the playground.  If you just want to get away to nature then we also have an unpaved wooded trail that you can take advantage of.

East Clayton Community Park - 1774 Glen Laurel Road

On the east side of the Town we have the East Clayton Community Park.  We have so many future plans for this park!!  In the meantime, you can enjoy a 1 mile paved & gravel loop in the park to get out and enjoy some time outside.

We have a printable brochure that shows all of the trails.  Print it out and try to visit all the wonderful parks, greenways, and trails that the Town of Clayton has to offer!


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