Town of Clayton Water Reclamation Program

The Town of Clayton is making significant strides in enhancing our wastewater infrastructure through the most extensive project in our history. Currently, construction is underway on various project components, with an anticipated completion timeline spanning the next three years. Broadly, the construction process encompasses a range of activities, including surveying, vegetation removal, stringent environmental controls, earthwork, precise concrete work, the assembly of facility components, the arrival of substantial equipment, electrical installations, rigorous testing, commissioning procedures, and ultimately, the meticulous restoration of the site.

This construction effort will be carried out in carefulyy planned phases for each program component, potentially allowing som activities to proceed concurrently or in a dynamic iterative fashin, contiengent on thier respective locations. Assisting the town in this ambitious endevaor is HDR, serving as a dedicated project advisor.

For more detailed information, we invite you to get in touch with our town staff via email at

wrf rendering (2)

  1. Sam's Branch Water Reclamation Facility (WRF)
  2. Little Creek Wastewater Transmission Improvements
  3. Little Creek Wastewater Pump Station
  4. East Clayton Industrial Area (ECIA) Pump Station and Force Main Improvements
  5. Capacity Expansion for the Clayton-to-Raleigh Pump Station

This facility, currently under construction, will be capable of treating six (6) million gallons of wastewater per day (MGD) of residential, commercial, and industrial flows.  The facility is being built on a Town-owned site near the Neuse River at 1698 N O'Neil Street. The site is already home to other wastewater infrastructure.  Thalle Construction Company  is the general contractor; they have mobilized and started construction. Gannett Fleming is the Town's engineer of record.  

WRF Update11

Update - June 1, 2023